Vicky Louise

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This Pretty Sick chick @migraineandmee battles her diseases like a true warrior!💖 

“I loved early mornings, quick starts and would always be the first one to be up and about. Since being diagnosed with chronic migraine, finding motivation can be extremely difficult. Why would I want to get up at the crack of dawn? Why would I want to even contemplate leaving my bed on the days I felt like this? 

So many ‘Whys?’ would continue to take over my little brain and lets be honest, your bed is always more comfy when you have to leave it!

Having learnt to recently accept that this is my ‘normal’ I decided enough was enough. Ok, I may not be stuck like this forever but I can’t hibernate, I can’t shut myself away. It was time to make a change.” ➡️

Read more about her positive mindset and struggles at her blog: ♡PreTty Sick♡