Vicky Louise

This Pretty Sick chick @migraineandmee battles her diseases like a true warrior!  “I loved early mornings, quick starts and would always be the first one to be up and about. Since being diagnosed with chronic migraine, finding motivation can be extremely difficult. Why would I want to get up at Read more…

Sumaira Flower

Former model/actress en Pretty Sick warrior Sumaira got diagnosed with #NMO in 2014. . She founded the sumaira foundation for NMO, to raise awareness and find a cure for this debilitating disease. @thesumairafoundation  @sumairaflower . In spite of the fight, she remains a feminine and classy lady!🌸

Emily Ana Levy

This Lyme/pots/CIDP warrior Emily is pretty sick! @mightywell_emily . She is 25 and an all around boss lady @mightywell_ for wearable wellness products made by patients, for patients. . Disease does not define you!  Emily is a true example!💖

Carrie Ann

This pretty sick woman @joyfullyrare is a true warrior! . They told her that she would end up in a wheelchair due to progressive muscular dystrophy. It was never presented in a positive light to prevent her from dreaming big. . Other pretty sick troopers reversed her thinking about wheelchairs. Read more…

Katie Piper

lifeprettysick The first Pretty Sick warrior is 🌸”Katie Piper”🌸 She is an example of courage and determination! . . In 2008 Katie Piper was attacked with acid by her ex-boyfriend and an accomplice, causing major damage to her face and blindness in one eye. Piper underwent pioneering surgery to restore her Read more…

Riona Kelly

The Pretty sick warrior of this week is @rionakellygopinkco..Her husband asked for a divorce only 5 days after she was left paralysed by a stroke!But she found new love with her personal trainer who helped her walk again..Let this be a motivation to believe that true love is still out there!💖….Pic Read more…

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